Vibe Market

Vibe Market and Events brings visiting markets to London town centres and organises events and festivals.

Mill Hill Town Centre

Vibe Market organises a calendar of visiting markets for Mill Hill Town Centre, in partnership with Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum. During 2016 we organised visits by the France at Home Market, Italia in Piazza, the World Village Market street party for the Queen’s 90th Birthday, and launched the first Mill Hill Christmas Market, a three day event with seasonal food, live music on stage, a bar and gorgeous gifts. During spring 2017 we hosted the return of the France at Home Market from Normandy on 12-13 May 2017 and the hugely successful ‘On Broadway’ Mill Hill Summer Festival on 16-17 June. Vibe Market is organising an Autumn Market on 15-16 September to welcome the community back from the summer holidays.

We were pleased to receive support and sponsorship for the ‘On Broadway’ Summer Festival from St Martin’s School in Mill Hill.

Wembley Town Centre

Vibe Market and Events worked with Wembley Futures to curate and deliver the Heart of Wembley Festival in July 2016 and again in July 2017.

The Heart of Wembley Festival takes place in the town centre along Wembley High Road. Now in its second year, the festival celebrates the communities in Wembley Central through music, dance and food. Live entertainment by both local and well-established performers is a fantastic draw. An exciting and diverse area, Wembley is an ideal venue for African, Caribbean, Asian, and Eastern European street food as well as quality but affordable crafts and products. The Festival is an activity undertaken by Wembley Futures, one of 150 recipient groups across the UK to be awarded funding by The Big Local. A long-term innovative programme that aims to achieve lasting change, the Big Local provides a mixture of funding, finance and support.

Muswell Hill Broadway

We are working with the Muswell Hill Traders Group to help activate St James Square, a recently updated piazza style town square, with visiting and occasional markets. The Square is located outside Planet Organic in the heart of Muswell Hill town centre. Muswell Hill has a well-maintained Victorian Broadway and is home to many families who enjoy using the town centre for their local shopping, both at independent shops and larger grocery stores, and eating out or meeting for coffee. The France at Home Market trialed the area in December 2016 and reported having one of the best markets of the year. They will return 26-27 August and 16-17 December 2017. Stay tuned for more information on that and other events!

Cricklewood Town Centre

Vibe Market brings occasional visiting markets to Cricklewood Town Square on Sundays. We also participate in Cricklewood Town Team’s annual Cricklewood Festival and Winter Festival, having organised the first Cricklewood summer and winter festivals as part of the Cricklewood Outer London Fund Project (2012-2014). The French Market will return to Cricklewood on 14 May 2017.

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